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Every body needs magnesium! 


A high precentage of the population has some level of magnesium deficiency and magneisum is an essential mineral for the health and well-being of the body.  Low magnesium levels over time can increase the risk of illnesses to include: high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, migraines, nausea, anxiety, depression, dizziness, poor memory, and muscle soreness or spasms.


*Studies have shown Magnesium Chloride to a better source for magnesium than Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) as it is believed to be better absorbed through the skin and better retained in every cell.  The effects of Magnesium Chloride last longer and are stronger than Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt).


Dermal Application, the most beneficial way to replenish magnesium! Absorbs directly into the skin tissue to efficiently replenish, revitalize and restore essential levels of magnesium. One of the most important minerals for sports nutrition, magnesium aides in the production of ATP to help increase energy, it works to reduce fatigue and heat exhaustion, and it is critical for calcium absorption and bone strength.


Use to Help:

  • Relieve aches, pains, and muscle spasms
  • Support a healthy immune system and aid skin health
  • Boost energy levels and reduce stress


Directions: Use daily, morning and night. Shake before use. Apply 5 to 10 sprays to area of concern concentrating on joints and muscles.  Ideally apply after bath or shower.  Massage into wet or dry, clean feet and toes.  Be sure feet are thoroughly dry before applying socks or shoes.  Repeat as desired.  For children under 12 years of age, ask a doctor.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride (and other trace elements from ancient seawater) 

Magnesium Chloride Spray - Pure Oil 8 fl oz

SKU: 70946
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