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5 Ways to Detox After Holiday Indulgence

Ah, yes, the holidays – a lovely excuse to throw all caution and restraint to the wind and indulge in our greatest vices. If you’re anything like me that means eating lots and lots of rich food that I usually try to avoid the other ten months out of the year.

With Thanksgiving now behind us, you may be feeling sluggish while just trying to power through until the holidays. If juice fasting is not your thing, here are some other ways you can detox and start feeling like yourself again.

  1. Magnesium Oil Soak – It’s Healthy 4 You Body Soaks allow you to spend 15 minutes in a warm bath while reaping the incredible benefits of Magnesium Chloride. A few of the benefits include:

  • Boost your immune system

  • Boost energy

  • Get a restful night sleep

  • Reduce anxiety and stress systems

  1. Hot Lemon Water – A very simple way to start your day. Warm lemon water has many great benefits that can help with sluggishness during the holidays:

  • Better digestion

  • Liver cleansing

  • Reduce depression and anxiety symptoms

  • Revitalize your skin

  1. Add Some Apple Cider Vinegar – If you’re feeling up for it, add some apple cider vinegar to your morning cup of warm lemon water. It may not taste as yummy, but the additional benefits are worth it:

  • Kills bad bacteria

  • Lowers blood sugar levels

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Curbs hunger to avoid overeating

  1. Sweat is Out – Your choice of exercise will certainly get you back on track after the holidays. Benefits of working out and breaking a sweat include:

  • Boost energy

  • Reduce stress and depressions symptoms

  • Get a restful night sleep

  • Boost your immune system

  1. Eat Your Greens! – Yes, your mom was right. Eating fresh, leafy greens between holiday indulgences is a sure way to get your digestive system back on track. Benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Boost immune system

  • Keep your liver healthy

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