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Fun, Fit & Fabulous Bachelorette Party

Filled with a lot of alcohol, some greasy food, little to no sleep and perhaps a few very memorable dance moves, traditional bachelorette parties, although fun can sometimes prove to be counterproductive to looking your best on the big day. So to help you avoid some of the negative after affects that typically follow the usual pre-wedding bash, we pondered the question, “How can you have a fun bachelorette party, and not ruin all of your hard work right before the wedding?” We came up with 10 Fun, Fit & Fabulously Healthy Bachelorette Party Ideas to help you and your besties have a blast celebrating your pending nuptials while being a little kinder to your body.

1.) Spend a weekend hiking and wine tasting at beautiful vineyards.

2.) Run a 10 -15K race together, and then treat yourselves to a delicious brunch.

3.) Participate in a triathlon, mud run or obstacle course together.

4.) Go on a vacation, or if that is not in the budget, go on a stay-cation.

5.) Take a healthy cooking or cocktail-making class together.

6.) Spend the weekend at a healthy retreat.

7.) Have a girls-only slumber party.

8.) Pamper yourselves with the ultimate spa day.

9.) Take a sexy dance-fitness class together, and then treat yourselves to a nice dinner.

10.) Book a private yoga class followed by a massage treatment.


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